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I'm Matt, the host of Digital Music Collector. This site is devoted to music collectors who choose digital audio files as a primary or "melting pot" format for a collection spanning multiple formats. I'll cover tips for managing a large digital collection, dive deep on technical topics surrounding digital music, and look at products and services aimed at the digital music collector.

As an adult, I've observed that I collect music like few other people I know and immensely enjoy that activity. I created this site as an outlet for this hobby of mine. After noticing that most music collectors obsess over format, I thought it would be interesting to focus less on format and more on collecting. Digital music is sort of the anti-format. Being virtual, it fundamentally changes many of the traditional constraints around music collection including cost, storage, security and portability. For more on "why digital", check out my Digital Music Manifesto. To a lesser degree, I collect records and CDs, too. But there's a lot of blogs about that, and I felt there was a need for a site catering to the digital music collector.

Freeze Frame album art Power Play album art Meet the Beatles! album art

My love of music started with the clock radio my parents bought me. It was 1981 and I was in second grade. Freeze Frame was climbing the charts on WCOZ in Boston. It was just an alarm clock, but I remember it had this wonderfully thick, bassy sound - even if it was mono. My parents weren't big popular music buffs, but their small record collection of mostly classical music served to expand my horizons beyond pop radio. Their 1964 copy of Meet the Beatles! was easily the hippest record in their collection, but it left a mark.

While my older siblings started with records, my first album purchases were cassettes. Not really knowing what to buy, I started with K-Tel compilations, like Power Play, that served as a menu of sorts and featured songs I recognized from listening to the radio. Eventually learning to play the join/quit game with BMI and other tape clubs of the time, I rapidly expanded my collection on a meager budget. I remember being surprised in 4th grade that I owned 10 times more music than any other member of my family.

Various music formats

I've lived through the transitions from vinyl to 8 track to cassette to CD to digital. I've always collected music, but have never become attached to a format. Will digital be the last music format? Who knows, but it's the current one. Back in the 90s, I was an early adopter of digital music and associated devices, and have focused my music collection around enjoying music digitally ever since. As a software developer and lover of computers and gadgets, digital music works for me, and the digital format has become a melting pot for the music I have listened to across many different formats and devices during my time as a collector.

After you've looked around, consider checking out another of my projects, Uke Nut, which is a site similar to this one where I feed my obsession with the ukulele.

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